Hey, my name is

Elly Dameki

welcome to my resume site.

Who am I?

I'm a recently graduated Software Engineering major from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. I've always had a passion for problem solving, especially for niche issues or bizarre corner cases. As a result, I've become a generalist as a programmer.

From my perspective, being a generalist is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. I often find with new problems that I have some base knowledge to build off of.

Academia (and other Credentials)

  1. University of Wisconsin - Platteville

    Bachelor's of Science
    Major: Software EngineeringMinor: Mathematics
    Graduated: May 19th, 2023GPA: 3.251
  2. ISC2 CC (Certified in Cybersecurity)

    CertificationID: 2182854
    Earned: June 12th, 2024Verify it here!
    Expires: June 30th, 2027
  3. IBM Full-Stack Software Developer

    Professional Certificate
    Earned: Mar 21st, 2024Verify it here!

Projects I've worked on

  1. YAK: Yet Another Kanban

    Building a containerized, self-hosted kanban solution orchestrated by three services:
    • A REST API built in ASP.net to serve as a gateway to project data. (edameki/yak-api)
    • A Next.js webapp to serve as the frontend for the board. (edameki/yak-ui)
    • A PostgreSQL server for storing project data.
  2. SE4330/4730: Software engineering project

    • My degree's capstone project, in which I worked in a small team to port a pre-.NET Visual Basic tool to a web application using ASP.NET and Razor.
    • Translated business requirements into actionable design goals and constraints
    • Wrote multiple data ingest routines for CSV and XML files
    • Recreated original interface in HTML5 and CSS3
  3. SE4130: Real-Time Embedded Systems Programming

    • Designed a WIFI strength mapper using a STM32 discovery board
    • Assessed system requirements and designed a task-driven state machine in FreeRTOS to effectively leverage system resources
    • Coded a simple declarative UI library in C to integrate with touchscreen controls